Podcast Episode #15: Geeks Journey Through Fantasy

This week, the Ladies of the Cube once again tackle TV shows. Focusing on the fantasy genre, we kick it off with Once Upon a Time, a series on ABC based off various fairy tales and literary works of art. We follow that up by discussing the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones, based off the books by George R.R. Martin. Then we take a time jump back to the 90s with talk about Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules. Last, but definitely not least, we give a rousing discussion about the campy, cult favorite of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Continue reading

‘Frozen’ Comes to ‘Once Upon a Time’ **Spoilers**

Frozen has become a huge hit for Disney and has been a hot topic this year following last year’s movie release. Disney has decided that the Frozen characters would be a great addition to the next season of Once Upon a Time, Disney’s live-action “fairy tale” series on ABC.

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Fantasy TV, Game of Thrones and Strong Female Characters


This week in the Cube, the Ladies and I discuss fantasy TV shows, naming a few that are most dear to our hearts. Within the discussion, we did dive into our idea of strong females and how they are portrayed. In this piece, I’ll talk more about that in regards to the Ladies in the Game of Thrones. Continue reading

So Say We All: Sci-Fi’s Evolution Brings Us Much Closer to Home

For those of you who joined us in the Cube this week for our Sci-Fi discussion, you may have noticed that we didn’t make even a token attempt to address the wealth of TV sci-fi material out there. If at any point you asked yourself, “But what sci-fi discussion is complete without reference to Star Wars? BattleStar Galactica? Babylon 5??” know that we asked ourselves that too.

But what kind of discussion would have come out of that? Simple. A brainless one, in between the frantic name-dropping and predictable fangirling – and we weren’t interested in playing to that.

And yet there’s nothing keeping us from continuing the conversation!

battlestar-galactica-wOne thing that was brought up again and again throughout our discussions on shows like Doctor Who, Firefly, and Dollhouse are the parts that tie them all together – not so much the technologies that we don’t quite understand, but humanity’s reaction to its existence.

The everlasting search and discovery of what’s out there beyond the stars has now taken a step closer to home – rediscovering the importance of the human drama, no matter the space age.

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The Alphabet Soup of Sci-Fi TV Shows

What is Sci-Fi? Can we actually nail it down to one “thing?” Is Star Trek classed as Science Fiction? Of course it is. Is the animated TV show, The Jetsons, classed as Science Fictiscifialphabet-soupon? Not in the same vein as Star Trek, yet it still consists of fictional science. We also have shows that cross genres, Doctor Who is a prime example of a show that is one-part Sci-Fi, and one-part Fantasy.

I have never heard of Sci-Fi being referred to as “obtainable magic,” but it does sound nifty. Some of the definitions that I have heard are; “science fantasy,” “speculative fiction,” and “fabulation.”

All-in-all, Sci-Fi to me is about spirit. I can watch a show, take Lost as an example; that is littered with science fiction, yet doesn’t hammer it down the throats of viewers. Instead, it’s woven within the mythos, the spirit, of the show as a whole.

“[Sci-Fi is] obtainable magic”

Stephanie Tang, The Companions Cube

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Podcast Episode #14: Sci-Fi TV Shows Discussion, from Doctor Who to Star Trek

With the Brit John on hiatus, the Ladies of the Cube took some time to discuss some of our favorite Sci Fi shows. We don’t just discuss the shows and their plot lines, but we go in depth on some of the issues that the shows bring to light about human life on our own planet. Sci Fi shows don’t shy away from what is considered taboo.

From Doctor Who to Star Trek, come join us in our discussion and give it a listen! Continue reading

Thank You for Technology, Sci Fi!

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Today’s technology grows by leaps and bounds. Let’s take a trip back in time. Those who liked Sci Fi shows were considered to be uber geeks. Those same geeks were shunned for their love of the space-aged technology. Now, our world openly embraces this technology as we are now surrounded by it. It consumes a fair amount of most peoples lives.

Let’s take a look at one show in particular, Star Trek. This show had so many firsts but they also had some of the best technology yet to be discovered. Let’s take a look at the few ideas we can find in life today. Continue reading

Let’s Talk Sci Fi TV Shows and Why We Love Them

Sci Fi_original

This week the ladies and I (as our Sexy Brit John is on a hiatus) discuss Sci Fi television shows and why we love them so much. Is it for the characters, the story or is it much deeper than that? Do we connect on a much deeper level? Let us explore more into the genre of Sci Fi TV and why we love them. Continue reading

F$*K Your Simulators, Man!

On this week’s episode of The Companions Cube, Tanya Short from Kitfox Games returned to give us a little bit of insight into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into putting your game through the gauntlet that is Steam Greenlight.

Part of the process involves paying a $100 fee to Steam.

With even just that in mind, it boggles the mind how many games are put forward through the system with about as little thought as God gave a rock.


(Incidentally, you too can choose to involve yourself in the great Rock Simulator 2014 controversy currently happening on Steam Greenlight, where two tiny indie companies battle to prove to a rather sizable audience that they own the rights to a game about pretending to be a rock. That people actually want. Go figure.)

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What If Steam Had a Platform Similar to Kickstarter?

Steam Greenlight works, that is obvious. Kickstarter works, that is obvious. Now, what if they had a baby and it became Greenlight 2.0? Or, more likely, Steam could just create their own version.


Hear me out.

With Greenlight, currently, you have to submit a $100 licensing fee to have your game land on the service. With platforms such as Kickstarter you pay 5%, then an additional 3.5% to Amazon. All in all you are out a lot of cash, but you get the services you pay for.

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