So You’re An Indie Developer… Now What?

Let’s face it. You don’t become an indie game developer expecting instant mega-millions and a stable full of women in metal bikinis – or at least not right away. As we discussed in this week’s podcast with Tanya Short from Kitfox Games, making a finished, polished project is only one part of the process.


Sometimes the hardest part is what comes after. And this is because ideally it shouldn’t wait until after you’ve completed your game.

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Below; A Look at the New Indie Title From Capybara Games


With the slew of indie games slated for release in the next few months there is one title that shows much promise. Slated to be released on Xbox One and PC, Below is being developed by Capybara (Capy) Games and published by Microsoft. In the genre of rougelike games, Below is looking to both stick with the traditional rules set forth by the genre and turn others on their heads. Let’s take a brief look at Below. Continue reading

Taking a Look at Tanya Short of KitFox Games


This week in the cube, the team and I had the chance again to speak with our dear friend and game designer Tanya Short of KitFox Games about their latest project Moon Hunters. On Wednesday, you’ll get to hear our podcast–as always–detailing the game but more than that, you’ll hear what it takes to thrive as an indie developer in the games industry. It’s not all about making games you love, it’s more than that.  Continue reading

Little Big Planet 3; Continuing the Tradition of Play, Create, Share


I worked for Gamestop for many a year. Every holiday parents would come and ask a popular question, “What game would be good for my kids?” Sometimes that was a hard question to answer especially for multiple kids. Trying to find kid friendly games was tough. One year however, SONY helped us out. They gave the world Little Big Planet.

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Hello Halo: Master Chief Collection


This week in the cube is all about preparing for those video game holiday wish lists. On Wednesday, our podcast entitled Holiday Boot Camp: Video Game Edition, we’ll be sharing upcoming releases that will appeal to every genre and age of gamer. So let’s begin with the Beluga caviar of releases, for you Halo fans–the Master Chief Collection. Continue reading