What Happened to Space Combat Sims?


Ever wonder what it would be like to fly a starfighter through the cosmos? Or how about Flying the Milennium Falcon? What about flying a lone bomber doing hit and runs on a massive capital ship a hundred times your size?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then that is fantastic and we have just the games for you! Unfortunately they were released ten or more years ago and 90% of them were for the PC. So, what happened to these Space Flight Sims? Is there any hope for them on the horizon?

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Have We Had Enough of Simulators?


This week in the cube, the team and I journey down the road of simulator games. What is it about them that we all find appealing? Why are they so popular? Goat Simulator rose to top of the charts when it first appeared thanks to its humor. After that, it seems it’s been one after another releasing all over Steam.

Is this just a fad that will run its course? Do you truly consider some of these simulators even “games” for the best part? Let us explore this controversial world. Continue reading

SPARTANS: A Brief Synopsis Into the Program That Gave Us Master Chief



“Do not underestimate them. But most of all, do not underestimate him.” – Dr. Catherine Halsey referring to the SPARTANS specifically John-117


There are two things that come to mind when you mention the name Spartan. One is the ancient greek tale of the brave 300 Spartans and the Battle of Thermopylae while the second is the elite, genetically enhanced soldiers created by Bungie for the Halo series. The most noted of those would be the Master Chief or John-117.

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Geek Glam: Tilt/Shift Cosmetics Teases Destiny Eyeshadow Collection

It’s an ongoing subject of discussion here in the Cube: just how much makeup can I amass in one room before something breaks and I am killed (while filming, even) by sparkly avalanche?

It’s not without reason. I have a small problem. It never used to be this way. My collection has expanded 15x over the course of the last year – and this is largely due to the fact that I discovered just how many little indie shops there are in the world… and how many of them like the same things I do. Tinted lip balms based off of Miyazaki films? Check! A Mass Effect eyeshadow collection? Cha-ching! The exact shade of Master Chief’s visor from Halo? I got your back.

And while I personally may not be jumping on the Destiny bandwagon as of yet, that doesn’t mean it is not seriously high on my to-do list… and where everyone else is wearing their gamer shirts with pride, I’m interested in going one step further.


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Destiny Sells $500 Million in First Day


Destiny is the newest release by Bungie, but was published by Activision. The newest FPS MMO to hit the market has been released with a lot of hype. Players who purchased day one copies, such as our own Venisia, have been playing hours upon hours of co-op play. Activision is reporting that it sold $500 million in the first day. Continue reading

Podcast Episode #21: Bungie


After a week-long hiatus for the crew, we are back again this week with a new episode of our podcast. This week was the release of Bungie’s newest title, Destiny, so we wanted to give out some love for this amazing team of developers. The Ladies of the Cube were joined again by Kaelan to discuss a lot of what has truly made it for Bungie. Halo? We got it. Destiny? Of course. We even threw a bit of Oni into the mix. Continue reading

Who Will You Be in Destiny? TCC Gets Ready


The time is finally here. The hour is approaching. What am I talking about? Destiny that’s what! Yes folks we’ve been waiting quite a long time for Bungie’s latest FPS. We had a taste of the gameplay this summer with the gorgeous beta. So, who will you be in Destiny? The Companions Cube is ready to play. Continue reading

Musical Chairs: 5 Awesome Songs That Speak to Your Nerd Soul

This week the ladies of the Cube took a break to fuel up for the whirlwind of game releases coming out soon – and also to give ourselves a bit of a break after several straight months of casting. Which means it’s a perfect time for you to hit up a few of our older casts and see what kind of crazy we get ourselves into. How about last week’s where we waxed effulgent (…okay, or maybe a little off-topic) about geek music highlights like Pentatonix, Lindsey Stirling, and Malukah?

And after you’re done with that, you may realize that there is so much more wicked nerdy fun just floating around the internet waiting to be seen. How many of these have you seen?

For those of you who are way too tired of finding out that damned Peach princess is hiding out in another castle and would are beyond eager to convince your own Italian Plumber bro to move on, this one’s for you. Patent Pending will soon be touring the UK – although fair word of warning, the rest of their Brighter album does not follow in nearly the same epic gaming vein as “Hey Mario.”

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Sold: One Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


Each day on the tech scene, my Christmas wishlist grows larger and larger. Samsung recently released their information regarding the new line of Galaxy Notes. Instead of just one, they introduced two:

  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Galaxy Note Edge

Both are similar devices but the Edge has one feature that the Note 4 does not have, a curved edge of the screen that acts as its own separate display. Continue reading

Greet Your Fellow Programs with the Ultimate Geek Gadget

AW_Title w-Disney_w

Does anyone remember watching either the original TRON or the 2010 TRON Legacy and thinking to yourself “Man I wish I had a real identity disk” or “Dude how awesome would it be to drive a light-cycle?” Then you went out, bought a frisbee and pretended it was an identity disk; or got a cool bike and pretended you were speeding along the game grid in a light-cycle. Well my friends for one of these TRON gadgets you need not pretend anymore.

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